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Ecotourism activities

Nuratau Mountains and Kyzyl-Kum desert of Uzbekistan are great destinations for mountain hiking, horse riding and camel riding tours. Apart from tours we offer, you can also enjoy staying with the local family in a mountain homestay or in the nomads Yurt in the desert Yurt camp. All our activities give you a chance to get to know the daily livelihood and land use activities of the local people.


homestay.jpgWe give you a chance to be the part of the local family while you stay in one of our homestays in the Nuratau Mountain village. During your stay with the mountain farmers get acquainted with the customs, traditions, daily livelihood activities and land use practices of the villagers. Guests generally welcomed to join hosts in all the daily activities of the host family. You might be lucky to witness the local wedding or festivity in the village and tourists are often invited to those events. If you have been through a very intense cultural program, just relax on a ‘tapchan’ and ease your tension under a shady walnut tree in the garden.  

Yurt camping

yurt-campingRide on the camel, walk around the dunes and stay in the traditionally decorated Kazakh Yurts in the Yurt camp located in Kyzyl-Kum desert. During your Yurt camp stay, try delicious traditional Kazakh dishes and get to know the lifestyle of local population when you wander around the village nearby. The Yurt camp is a starting point for camel riding tours in the Kyzyl-Kum desert. On request, we can arrange one day and several day camel trekking through Kyzil-kum desert with our Bactrian (two-humped camels) camels. You can also ride on the camel or drive to the lake Aydarkul (11 km) to swim or just walk along the lakeshores.



hikingShort hikes can be undertaken from the homestay into the mountains to visit waterfalls, petroglyphs, ancient ruins or simply to enjoy the flora and fauna and the stunning views. For compassionate hikers we offer whole day and several day hikes from village to village.  The hiking trails in the Nuratau Mountains are not sign marked so we advise you to be accompanied by qualified mountain escort guide during long hikes. We can tailor the individual program to meet your special needs If our standard hiking programs are not suitable to your schedule, interest or physical fitness.


Hose riding

horse-ridingExplore authentic villages and picturesque valleys of Nuratau Mountains on horseback and stay in a rustic mountain homestay. We offer several day horse riding programs from village to village starting from Asraf and ending in Sentob.  Alternatively, you can just hire a horse from the local people and take the route of your own to discover Nuratau Mountains, the vast Kyzil-kum plains and the lake Aydarkul. As mountain trails are not sign marked, we advise you to hire a mountain guide for longer trips. We can tailor special horse riding program for you if our standard trips does not suite your schedule, physical fitness or interests.