homestay price Zamira’s homestay in Eski Forish village 


Location: 29km along the main road from Yangiqishloq to Nurata, 2.5km into the village at the foot of the mountains
Owners: Normuhammad Shavqiev, Zamira Shavqieva 

zamira-homestayThe homestay was only established in 2009. It is constructed out of local rocks and blends in well with the mountain environment. There are two big guestrooms furnished with carpets and kupacha mattresses, where up to 6 people can be accommodated. A little brook passes through the garden in front of the house, where two tapchans invite you to rest, drink tea, read a book or even sleep on at night. There is a flush toilet and a hammam (warm bath) in the ablution block in front of the house and an outdoor shower. A solar heater has been installed, so you can take a hot shower. You can watch or participate in the preparation of traditional dishes or bread baking in a tandir oven. The homestay is an ideal starting point for short or longer mountain hikes into the Nuratau Mountains. You can also hike to the next guesthouse in the Asraf valley (1:30 hours) or continue further to the guesthouse in Uhum (4:30 hours) or Upper Uhum (5:30 hours). Zamira’s son, Sarbon, is a certified mountain guide and can accompany you if you wish. 

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homestay price Yahshigul's homestay in Asraf village  


Location: 33km along main road from Yangiqishloq to Nurata, 3,4km into the mountains
Owners: Bobojon Kozokov, Yahshigul Kozokov 


Asraf village is located in one of the lush green mountain valleys of the Nuratau range. A crystal clear mountain brook passes through the property right in front of the house. The family has recently built separate house and an ablution block consisting of with two showers and two flush toilets. The house is built from local rocks and has four clean guest rooms furnished with tapchan mattresses. Yahshigul can accommodate up to sixteen people. Water is heated by solar energy. A spring provides the family and guests with pure, cold drinking water. In the shade of the big fruit trees in the garden, guests can chose either to relax on one of the three supas (sitting places built out of clay) or on a tapchan. One of these unique comfortable sitting, lying and eating facilities is placed across the rivulet. Reading a book, while listening to the gentle bubbling sound of the water, is a great way to rewind and recall all the impressions of your journey.

Bobojon’s family lives from subsistence farming. Hence, many types of fruit trees such as peach, apricot, apple, mulberry, pomegranate and walnuts and a lot of vegetables are grown in the huge garden. Guests will be spoiled by tasty dishes prepared from home grown products. Traditional music performances can easily be arranged for guests in the evening.

The homestay in Asraf village is a good starting point for short or long mountain hikes.                                                                       

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Shiringul's homestay in Hayat village 


Location: 8km along main road from Yangiqishloq to Nurata, 9 km towards the mountains
Owners: Parda Musaev, Shiringul Musaeva  

nuratau-mountain-homestay3Shiringul has been successfully accommodating tourists for several years. The family has two houses the where the guests can be accommodated. The first house has two guest rooms; one furnished in the traditional way with tapchan mattresses, the other one with two beds. In the new ablution building there are two showers and a washing basin. In the cold season, one room in the ablution block can be heated. A solar heater provides hot water. In an additional building across the path, three more guestrooms are available. In total Shiringul’s guesthouse can accommodate up to sixteen people. In front of the house, a covered sitting platform provides a great view over the valley and of the mountains.  A creek passes the huge garden. Guests can relax in the shade of the big walnut trees either using one of the two tapchans or the various tables and benches. In the orchard there is an additional village style garden toilet.

Like most homestay owners of the Nuratau Mountain area, the family grows vegetables, keeps livestock (sheep, cows, goats) and poultry and produces their own eggs, meat, butter, yogurt and other milk products. Most of the delicious traditional dishes served by Shiringul are prepared from their own merchandise.

Shiringul’s guesthouse is equipped with two satellite antennas that give tourists the opportunity to keep up on the latest news or watch their favourite TV show. From a prominent spot nearby, tourists have cell phone reception (Ucell only).
From a hill near the homestay, guests have a chance to observe the rare endemic sheep (Severtzov’s Argali) in a breeding enclosure operated by the Nuratau Nature Reserve. As the aim is to release these sheep to the wild, visitors are not allowed to enter the enclosure.

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homestay price Maysara’s homestay in Sentyab village 


Location: 50 km along the main road from Yangiqishloq to Nurata, 5.9 km into the mountain valley.
Owners: Momin Bozorov, Maysara Bozorova 

The guesthouse was newly established in 2009. It has four big guest rooms some decorated with typical Tajik wall ornaments. Up to sixteen people can be accommodated on kurpacha mattresses. In the heat of the summer guests have the option to sleep outside on the tapchan in the garden or on the open terrace next to the house. In a separate stone building there is a flush toilet and a shower. The guesthouse has a hammam, which will be heated in the cold season. The guesthouse owner is a music teacher at the local school. He plays the dutor, a string instrument. On request he can arrange a folklore performance for a small fee.

Sentyab village has many historical sites, mosques, abandoned houses, watermills and several cemeteries. It is a great starting point for short and more demanding mountain hikes into the Nuratau Mountains.

For longer mountain hikes the host can arrange for a certified mountain guide to accompany you and for donkeys to carry you or your luggage.
You can also take a nice 9 hour (return) hike into the neighbouring Majerum valley to admire the huge protected arbor vitae tree. In the village a taxi can be hired for an excursion to Lake Aydar, where you can go for a refreshing swim, bird watching or a picnic. There are a number of small local shops in the village, where essential supplies such as soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and cookies can be obtained. 

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homestay price Komil’s homestay in Sentyab village 


Location: 50 km along the main road from Yangiqishloq to Nurata, 5.9 km into the mountain valley.
Owners: Komil Davronov 

The homestay was established in 2012. It is located on a lookout point on the banks of the Sentyab River from where you have an excellent view of the mountains. The family has three guestrooms and can  accommodate up to nine people. There is a flush toilet, an outdoor shower to be used in summer and a hammam (hot bath) for the cold season. In the garden below the house you can rest on one of several tapchans  in the shade of big walnut trees or dip your legs into the cold mountain brook. The meals in the homestay are prepared from the vegetables grown in a large garden in front of the house. Komil, the owner of this homestay usually entertains the guests singing and playing in traditional musical instrument ‘Dutor’. During the spring months, you might be lucky to witness the silk worm rearing in the neighborhoods. 

The homestay  is a good starting point for mountain hikes. There is a beautiful waterfall and ancient petroglyphs to be visited during a three and a half hours hike from the guesthouse. Breathtaking views will reward you for your efforts. For more compassionate hikers an eight hour hike to the mountain lake Fazilman is recommended. This trip can also be undertaken on horseback or by donkey.

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homestay price Rahima’s homestay in Sentyab village 


Location: 50 km along main the road from Yangiqishloq to Nurata, 6.5 km into the mountains
Owner: Gulmurod Zarifullaev, Rahima Zarifullaeva 

nuratau-homestay5Rahima’s homestay is located beautifully in a lush green river valley. Like most houses in the village, it is entirely built from local materials and surrounded by a big garden. There is a separate building with four simple, neat and clean guestrooms where up to sixteen people can be accommodated. Recently, an ablution block consisting of a flush toilet and a shower has been built.  In the beautiful, shady garden there are two tapchans and a cosy ayvan for visitors to eat, relax or even sleep on. Rahima’s family produces kurpachas (traditional sleeping mattress). On a hot day a water reservoir in front of the house invites guests for a dip. The delicious dishes offered in the guesthouses are prepared out of locally grown products.
Rahima’s guesthouse is a perfect starting point for mountain walks. One of the more demanding hikes leads you to a small mountain lake (Fazilman). Especially in springtime, the view from the ridged peaks of the Nuratau Mountains onto the flower covered plains is an unforgettable experience. On the hike, you will come across steep mountain gorges and waterfalls and might have the chance to see some of the huge birds of prey, such as Golden Eagles, Eurasian Griffons or Lammergeier. Some historical sites, such as ancient rock  engravings, a mosque and ruins of  are worth visiting. Furthermore Sentyab is an ideal place to get some rest, sit in the shade of a walnut tree, drink tea and read a book. 

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