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Nuratau Travel (legal name Responsible Travel LLC) operates as a registered tour operator, headquartered in Bog’don, which was previously recognized as Yangiqishloq and serves as the administrative hub of the Forish district. Situated 65 kilometres northwest of Jizzakh, our company is strategically located to facilitate and promote community-based tourism (CBT) services within the villages nestled in the Nuratau Mountains.

Our principal objective revolves around promoting community-based tourism (CBT) services, specifically those offered by homestay proprietors and guides operating in the Nuratau Mountain villages. To ensure a higher level of service quality from these homestays and guides, Responsible Travel provides advisory support and organises training initiatives to enhance their professional skills.

In March 2023, Responsible Travel was a recipient of  ITB’s TO DO! Award for Socially Responsible Tourism(opens in a new tab). Serving as a benchmark for how far our community projects have come and the positive impact they have had, we proudly continue our endeavours to support local communities in the remote villages of the Nuratau Mountains and beyond.

In addition to our comprehensive range of community-based tours, including hiking tours, homestays, yurt camping, and various ecotourism activities across the Nuratau-Kyzyl-Kum region, we also arrange the following services:

Cultural tours

Trekking tours

Adventure tours

Hiking tours

Horse Riding Tours

Our diverse portfolio allows us to cater to a wide spectrum of traveller preferences, offering immersive cultural experiences, exhilarating treks, exciting adventures, and seamless logistical support. Our commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible tourism remains at the core of each endeavour we undertake.

Why Travel With Us

We give local people opportunities to earn additional income from tourism and try to motivate them to protect the environment. We also identify interested local youngsters and give them a chance to learn the English language and skills of mountain guiding. Many local families benefit from our annual community projects aimed to improve the efficiency of irrigation systems in the villages.

By selecting any of our services, you’ll be actively supporting our community-based ecotourism initiatives that include generating additional income for the local host families and communities, safeguarding the environment, enhancing village infrastructure, and affording educational prospects for the younger local populace.

Economic Opportunities for Locals and Environmental Safeguarding

Tourism has emerged as a new economic avenue for rural communities residing in the remote settlements of the Nuratau Mountains. Our entire team hails from these villages, and our focus is on providing employment opportunities to the local population. We facilitate this by engaging locals as mountain escort guides, utilising their riding animals, and utilising licensed local accommodations, among other endeavours. The growth of ecotourism, coupled with the supplementary income it generates, has become a motivating factor for environmental preservation. This recognition stems from the understanding that the region’s natural beauty is central to its appeal for tourists.

Community Projects

On an annual basis, we initiate and coordinate Hashar activities, which involve collaboration between local residents and foreign volunteer students. These joint efforts are aimed at maintaining and enhancing village irrigation systems. Rooted in local tradition, “Hashar” embodies communal participation and shared responsibility for community welfare. In the year 2013, seven projects were successfully executed, leading to the cleaning and reinforcement of over 10 water reservoirs, springs, and minor irrigation channels. These initiatives directly benefited more than 100 families residing in three distinct villages. Currently, we are in the process of expanding our range of activities to encompass additional projects in the realm of nature conservation.

Training and Skill Enhancement

We have been actively organising diverse training courses in partnership with Uzbektourism’s training unit and other reputable educational institutions. The primary aim is to elevate the professional and language competencies of those involved in community-based ecotourism within the Nuratau Mountains. Since the initiation of our community-based tourism project, supported by entities such as GIZ, Dvv-international, and UNDP, multiple training courses have been conducted. These courses span various domains, including tourism service provision, mountain guiding, culinary expertise, hygiene practices, as well as knowledge of local flora and fauna. In our continued endeavour to enhance the capabilities of tourism service providers, we have plans underway to organise additional training courses.

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