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Homestays & Horse Riding Adventure in the Nuratau Mountains

Embark on a horse riding escapade that offers an intimate encounter with the nation’s rich tapestry of culture, history, and breathtaking landscapes. Over four days, you’ll traverse the Nuratau Mountains, immersing yourself in the welcoming embrace of traditional homestays, the untouched beauty of the Nuratau Nature Reserve, and the intriguing history embedded in ancient ruins.

Guided by local experts, you’ll not only navigate the picturesque terrain on horseback but also delve into the stories and legends that make each village a living testament to Uzbekistan’s past. Engage in local history, explore ancient ruins, and journey across picturesque landscapes in the company of knowledgeable mountain guides.

Highlights of the Tour

Immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of local homestays in Asraf, Hayat, and Majerum

Feel the rhythm of hoofbeats as you embark on a horse riding adventure through the stunning landscapes of the Nuratau Mountains

Engage with local communities and gain firsthand insights into Uzbek traditions

Explore the charming Upper Uhum village, known for its traditional stone and mud houses

Uncover ancient art in the petroglyph site nestled within the Nuratau Nature Reserve

Day 1 – Transfer from Bukhara to Asraf village: Upon arrival in Asraf village, get settled into your homestay and get acquainted with your noble companion with a test horse ride, lasting 2.5 hours to the neighbouring village of Eski Forish.

Day 2 – Ride from Asraf to Hayat village: After breakfast, embark on a scenic horse ride to Hayat village. On the way, discover the ruins of the Mongol Fortress in Uhum village. Settle into Shiringul’s homestay and later explore Upper Uhum village on horseback.

Day 3 – Ride from Hayat to Majerum village: Embark on a morning ride to the village of Majerum where you’ll be welcomed into Muhammad Ali’s homestay. Visit the ancient arbour vitae tree and explore the Nuratau Nature Reserve on a 2-hour horse ride.

Day 4 – Ride from Majerum to Sentob village and transfer to Samarkand: Exploring ancient Sentob on horseback, and enjoy lunch at a local homestay. In the afternoon, transfer to Samakand.

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Trip Details

Trip Details

  • 2 – 3 travellers: EUR 480 per person
  • 4 – 12 travellers: EUR 430 per person

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Your hotel in Bukhara

All year round.

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4 days

From 2 to 12 travellers

  • 3 night homestay
  • 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners
  • Horse rental and helmets
  • Local guide
  • Transport: Bukhara – Asraf village – Samarkand
  • Registration

  • Additional tours and activities not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tips
  • Items of personal nature

  • Homestay hosts
  • Horse riding guide

Your 4-Day Horse Riding in the Nuratau Mountains Itinerary

Day 1 – Bukhara – Asraf village

At 9:00 AM, meet our driver at the start point of the tour in Bukhara to drive to Asraf village, a scenic journey lasting 3 hours. Arrive in Asraf by lunchtime and settle into your warm local homestay. After a delightful lunch, your guide will introduce you to horse riding with a test ride. In the afternoon, you’ll embark on a scenic 2.5-hour horse ride to the neighbouring village of Eski Forish.

Accommodation: Homestay in Asraf village

Day 2 – Asraf – Hayat village

After breakfast, you’ll set off on horseback from Asraf to the quaint Hayat village, a 12km journey taking about 3 hours. Along the way, you’ll marvel at the ruins of the Mongol Fortress in Uhum village. Upon arrival in Hayat, you’ll settle into Shiringul’s homestay. In the afternoon, embark on a 2-hour horse ride to Upper Uhum village, where you’ll discover traditional building styles and explore the ruins of an ancient fortress. If time allows, you can extend your ride to the petroglyph site within Nuratau Nature Reserve.

Accommodation: Homestay in Hayat village

Day 3 – Hayat – Majerum

Your morning unfolds with a 3-hour horse ride from Hayat to the village of Majerum. You’ll explore the ancient arbour vitae tree, steeped in local legend, believed to have been planted by the soldiers of Alexander the Great during his Central Asian invasion. Arrive at the welcoming Muhammad Ali homestay, owned by Mr. Koldosh, a local farmer. In the afternoon, once you have settled into your homestay, a 2-hour horse ride to the Nature Reserve awaits.

Accommodation: Homestay in Majerum village

Day 4 – Majerum – Sentob – Samarkand

On the final day, you’ll ride from Majerum to Sentob village, a 5-hour journey exploring the ancient sites of Sentob on horseback. Enjoy a hearty lunch at a local homestay to conclude your horse riding adventure. The tour ends in Sentob, and in the afternoon, you’ll be transferred to Samarkand, a 4.5-hour drive away.

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