Yurt Stays, Desert Treks, and Aral Sea Tours

Discover our thrilling adventure tours, each designed to immerse you in unique experiences. Immerse in the rich history and captivating tales of Uzbekistan’s desert castles on a day trip from Khiva. Embark on a journey that includes yurt stays, transporting you to the heart of traditional nomadic life. Feel the authenticity as you settle into intricately designed yurts surrounded by the stunning landscapes.

Visit Nurata city, where history comes alive through the ruins of Alexander the Great’s fortress and the sacred holly spring. Explore the vibrant local culture and bask in the serene beauty of Lake Aydarkul, a tranquil oasis embraced by majestic mountains.

For an extraordinary desert experience, opt for the desert yurt camp near Dungalak village. Engage in camel rides through sandy dunes, tracing ancient trade routes. Connect with locals, share stories, and relish the camaraderie around a crackling campfire.

Take your exploration further to the enigmatic Aral Sea, once a vast body of water now bearing witness to environmental change. Camp by its shores, gaze at the starlit reflections, and listen to the whispers of history carried by the winds. Each tour promises a blend of excitement, cultural immersion, and unforgettable memories.

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