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Horse Rides & Camping Amidst Nuratau's Mountainous Splendour

Prepare for a journey that seamlessly blends adventure and tranquillity with our exclusive horse riding and camping tour through the picturesque landscapes of the Nuratau Mountains. Imagine the rhythmic hooves of your noble steed echoing through serene mountain valleys as you traverse North-West, unveiling breathtaking panoramic views of Uhum Valley. Guided by the expertise of our knowledgeable mountain guides, each day promises a new chapter of exploration, from ascending ridges to discovering ancient petroglyphs at the foot of Patandaz peak.

As the sun rises, marvel at the expansive beauty from Hayat Bashi Peak, the highest point in the Nuratau Mountains, and ride westward towards the scenic mountain lake Fazilman, where locals cultivate seasonal treasures. This tour invites you to revel in the magic of horseback riding and camping amidst the unmatched splendour of Nuratau’s valleys.

To experience a scenic horse riding tour with the comfort of a homestay at the end of each day’s adventure, you may be interested in our 5-Day Village to Village Horse Riding Tour with authentic Homestays in the remote villages.

Highlights of the Tour

Embark on an enchanting journey led by expert mountain guides, unveiling the secrets of Nuratau with every step

Leave the packing stress behind! Tents, mattresses and snug sleeping bags are provided, ensuring a hassle-free and cosy camping experience

Dive into a horse lover’s paradise with abundant saddle time, ensuring an action-packed adventure throughout the tour

Uncover the rich tapestry of Nuratau's history as you explore ancient landmarks, from the mysterious petroglyphs in Uhum Valley to the intriguing ruins of Deh fortress in Sentob village

Marvel at sweeping views from Hayat Bashi Peak, taking in the beauty of the Kyzyl-Kum steppe, Lake Aydarkul, and charming villages

Day 1 – Transfer from Bukhara to Safar Ota: At 9:00 AM, meet our driver at the start point of the tour in Bukhara to drive to Safar Ota village. Upon arrival, a 2-hour test ride awaits to journey to your first valley camping area.

Day 2 – Uhum Valley Exploration: A 3.5-hour ride to Uhum Valley, ascending ridges with panoramic views. Set up camp at Patandaz peak where you’ll explore ancient petroglyphs.

Day 3 – Lake Fazilman: Ride to Hayat Bashi Peak for sweeping views, and continue on a 25km, 5-hour journey to mountain lake Fazilman where you’ll set up camp.

Day 4 – Ride from Fazilman to Sentob village: Descend to Sentob village, where you’ll explore Deh fortress ruins, and enjoy lunch at a local homestay. Later, continue riding 25km, (5.5-hour) to the steppe.

Day 5 – Lake Aydarkul: Venture to Lake Aydarkul, a 25km, 5-hour ride. Set up camp lakeside, and enjoy a refreshing swim, and birdwatch.

Day 6 – Last horseback ride before transfer to Samarkand: Set out on a 25km, 4-hour northward ride, encountering nomadic shepherds along the way. Reach Jizzakh-Nurata tar road where our driver will transfer you to Samarkand.

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Trip Details

Trip Details

  • 2 – 3 travellers: TBC upon enquiry
  • 4 – 12 travellers: TBC upon enquiry

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  • Horse rental and helmets
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Your 6-Day Horse Riding & Camping in the Nuratau Mountains Itinerary

Day 1 – Bukhara – Safar Ota
At 9:00 AM, meet our driver at the start point of the tour in Bukhara to drive to Safar Ota village after a hearty breakfast. A scenic 4-hour drive sets the stage for your adventure. Upon arrival in Safar Ota, meet your experienced guide and make acquaintances with your noble steeds. You’ll go on a gentle 2-hour test horse ride to a charming camping site by the river, where you’ll immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature. Unwind in comfortable tents as you enjoy a hearty dinner and a restful overnight stay.

Accommodation: Camping near a river valley

Day 2 – Uhum Valley
Today, your adventure unfolds with a captivating 3.5-hour horse ride to Uhum Valley. Traverse north-west, ascending ridges that offer breathtaking panoramic views of valleys and gorges. Descend to your picturesque campsite for the day, at the foot of Patandaz peak, where ancient petroglyphs beckon exploration.

Accommodation: Valley camping ground

Day 3 – Uhum – Fazilman
As the sun rises, enjoy a hearty breakfast and prepare for today’s thrilling horse ride towards Hayat Bashi Peak, the highest point in the Nuratau Mountains. Marvel at sweeping views of the Kyzyl-Kum steppe, Lake Aydarkul, and the quaint villages below. Continuing westward, you’ll ride to the mountain lake Fazilman, passing by locals cultivating seasonal vegetables. The day’s ride covers 25 km over 5 scenic hours, culminating in a campsite nestled at the foot of Kichik Fazilman Peak. Set up camp and enjoy the rest of the afternoon soaking in the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Accommodation: Valley camping ground

Day 4- Fazilman – Kyzilkum Steppe
Day four unveils more wonders as you descend from the mountain plateau to Sentob village. Explore the intriguing ruins of the Deh fortress and meander through abandoned villages. A delightful lunch at a local homestay in Sentob awaits. In the afternoon, continue descending Sentob village until you reach Djizak-Nurata tar road. Cross the tar road and continue to the northeast on the steppe until you reach today’s campsite. Your journey covers 25 km in approximately 5.5 hours.

Accommodation: Camping

Day 5 – Kyzilkum Steppe
After breakfast, venture northward through the steppe, arriving at the shores of Lake Aydarkul. Here, you can indulge in a refreshing swim or leisurely lakeside stroll, surrounded by a diverse array of aquatic birdlife. The day’s ride covers 25 km over 5 enchanting hours, providing a perfect blend of adventure and serenity.

Accommodation: Lake side camping

Day 6 – Kyzilkum Steppe – Samarkand
Bid farewell to the steppe as you embark on a northward journey, encountering friendly shepherds and their flocks. A 25 km/4-hour ride concludes as you reach Jizzakh-Nurata tar road, where our driver awaits to transfer you to Samarkand.

Not Ready to Let Your Trip Come to an End?

Why not make it longer? We have more exciting activities in store for you! If you have a private tour booked with us, extend your Horse Riding Tour in the Nuratau Mountains with further cultural and historical exploration. Check out these extension trips to add an extra “check” to your Uzbekistan holiday wish list!

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