Explore Uzbekistan's Silk Road Cities & Their Cultural Gems

Embark on an immersive, cultural multi-day tour that unveils the ancient marvels of Uzbekistan’s Silk Road cities. From Tashkent, the vibrant capital, to the awe-inspiring city of Samarkand and the historical hub of Bukhara, as well as the UNESCO World Heritage site of Itchan Kala in Khiva.

Throughout your journey, interactions with welcoming locals and visits to bustling oriental bazaars in Samarkand will provide authentic glimpses into the region’s vibrant culture. Wander through the intricate blue-tiled and majolica-decorated madrasas of the Registan. Explore Bukhara, Central Asia’s holiest city, home to an array of fascinating monuments, including the ancient Kalon Minaret and the imposing Ark of Bukhara (Ark Citadel).

Accommodations will vary, ensuring a diverse and enriching experience. From comfortable stays in the heart of historic cities to a traditional desert Yurt Camp and a village homestay nestled in the Nuratau Mountains. Whichever tour you choose, you’ll experience a unique blend of history, architecture, and local immersion.

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