Djumagul’s homestay in Uhum village

Location: 39 km along main the road from Bog’don to Nurata, 8.5 km into the mountains.

Owner: Djumagul Kasimova

Djumagul’s homestay is cocooned in a sprawling garden adorned with ancient shade trees. The homestay boasts three guestrooms, each furnished with tapchan mattresses, where up to 12 guests can be accommodated. On the premises, a reed-covered outdoor shower and a convenient flush toilet are at your service. A tranquil mountain river meanders nearby, while two inviting tapchans nestled under garden trees invite relaxation and even slumber. While indulging in reading, guests can relish the company of vibrant birdlife and sip on the region’s cherished green tea.

This sanctuary comes with an intentional absence of modern technology—no TV or cell phone reception. But don’t worry; nearby hills offer a spot for necessary phone calls. Stay informed through weekly press deliveries. Djumagul cherishes this serene sanctuary, convinced that the modern world’s sensory overload accelerates the ageing process. Tourists will live in a traditional household and have a chance to see the everyday life of a rural Tajik family. Folklore performances by village musicians and dancers can be organised in the evenings. In front of the house, you can admire several very interesting old devices driven by alternative sources of energy. An old watermill grinds corn, a hydro pump lifts river water 30m up to the homestay and a water wheel drives a generator, providing the family with electricity.

Djumagul’s homestay is an ideal starting point for easy mountain hikes to the next homestay in Upper Uhum village. During hikes, you will pass the “Karaul” alp, a place that used to be a lookout point in historical times. On the way, visitors will have a chance to admire some of the prehistoric rock paintings, ruins of ancient settlements, a fortress, and some old mosques.

For a chance to experience this exceptional homestay, don’t hesitate to contact our office.