Maysara’s homestay in Sentob village

Location: 50 km along the main road from Bog’don to Nurata, 5.9 km into the mountain valley.

Owner: Momin Bozorov, Maysara Bozorova

Price: EUR 30 per person

Maysara’s homestay was established in 2009. It has four big guest rooms, some decorated with typical Tajik wall ornaments. Up to sixteen people can be accommodated on kurpacha mattresses. In the heat of the summer, guests have the option to sleep outside on the tapchan in the garden or on the open terrace next to the house. In a separate stone building, there is a flush toilet and a shower. Maysara’s homestay has a hammam, which will be heated in the cold season. The homestay owner is a music teacher at the local school. He plays the dutor, a traditional string instrument. On request, he can arrange a folklore performance for a small fee.

Sentob village has many historical sites, mosques, abandoned houses, watermills, and several cemeteries. It is a great starting point for short and more demanding mountain hikes into the Nuratau Mountains. For longer mountain hikes the host can arrange for a certified mountain guide to accompany you and for donkeys to carry you or your luggage.

You can also take a nice 9 hour (return) hike into the neighbouring Majerum valley to admire the huge protected arbour vitae tree. In the village, a taxi can be hired for an excursion to Lake Aydar, where you can go for a refreshing swim, bird watching, or a picnic. There are a number of small local shops in the village, where essential supplies such as soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and cookies can be obtained.

You may book this homestay by contacting our office.