Muhammad Ali’s homestay in Majerum village

Location: 46 km along the main road from Bog’don to Nurata, 3, 7 km into the village at the foot.

Owner: Mirzaev Qoldosh, Mirzaeva Muhabbat

Price: EUR 30 per person

This homestay was only established in 2018 and it has 4 guest rooms furnished with beds where up to 12 people can be accommodated. There are two showers and two flush toilets. In front of the house, the homestay has a large garden with apple, walnut, and apricot trees where guests can relax sitting around the table or on a tapchan. The owner Mr. Qoldosh and his wife Ms. Muhabbat have three children. The daughter is called Muhlisa and the sons are called Muhammad Ali and Daler.

The family has cattle, sheep, and hens, and they also produce most of the vegetables in their own garden. In the homestay, you can watch or participate in activities such as bread baking, traditional meal cooking, butter making, and cow milking. The homestay is an ideal starting point for short or longer mountain hikes into the Nuratau Mountains. Guests can hike to the homestays in Sentob village or hike to Hayat and Uhum villages. The village of Majerum has an ancient history, staying in the homestay you may visit the ruins of the old fortress and gigantic Arbor Vitae Tree in the Nuratau Nature Reserve. In autumn and summer, there are many weddings and other traditional festivities taking place in the village, tourists are usually invited to those weddings. The homestay has mobile coverage by a local operator called Uzmobile, however, the internet is weak.

You may book your stay in the homestay through the office or by contacting the hosts directly (phone number: + 998 99 3865737). Please note the hosts do not speak foreign languages other than Russian.